“Around the voice”

Since the beginning of his career in France , Senem Diyici is attached to the transmission and education. Between 1992 and 2002, she taught singing techniques in a large number of National Schools of Music (Cherbourg , Niort , Avignon, Poitiers , Strasbourg, Chalon -sur -Saône Commercy, .... ) and the Popular University of Uzes. Over the same period , she participated in several artist residencies during which she conducted several workshops for childs and students. Between 1992 and 1995 , she was associate artist for Musical Youth of France and Youth Musical Belgium. From 2004, she began hosting numerous workshops on voice and techniques breathing in France, Turkey, Russia and USA. In 2006, she was commissioned by the National Theatre of Montbéliard ( France ) for creation with 120 primary school children ( Meet the Djins ) and has participated in several school tours . That same year, she worked with the town of Chalon -sur- Saône for visual arts and music activities towards troubled teens . With these experiences, she has since 2007 developed a set of technical workfor song learning , but also to solve some problems of diction and speech. These techniques involve elements of physical relaxation, work on percussions, but also elements of shamanistic culture which Senem was initiated in 2007 and 2008. From of a traditional teaching of singing , Senem Diyici now offers its students a thorough and intimate work on the role of voice in all aspects of life