Born in Istanbul Senem Diyici started practicing singing at the age of 4 Others were recruited to 6 years in the choir of the Turkish national radio. After three discs recorded in the course of 70 years and a career in Turkey recognized in the field of Ottoman and traditional classical music, she moved to France in 1982,

In 1987 she met guitarist and composer Alain Blesing and this first collaboration will lead to a first album «Takalar» sextet recorded with include percussionist Okay Temiz. In 1991, eager to return to more acoustic colors, it forms the Senem Diyici 4tet.

After 5 albums all rewarded by critics and many international tours (France, Germany, Canada, Turkey, Syria, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Greece, Finland, Spain, Tunisia, Israel, Poland, ....), and to transcribe an extraordinary presence on stage,the band released in 2007 a live DVD («Live at the Satellit Café» Buda Music / WMP).

While working with the 4tet, Senem Diyici founded in 1999 the Ottoman Trio (vocals, ud and violin) on the repertoire of court of the former Ottoman Empire and in 2002 the band «Octobando» devoted to Turkish-Balkan music.

In 2002 and 2003 she also worked in duet with the pianist Jean-Marie Machado and since 2001 she is regularly invited in Turkey on recording projects and concerts (Okay Temiz, Turco Roman Projekt, ...). Recent years have been devoted to a deepening of her work in duet with Alain Blesing. After 20 years of working together, these two artists offer an exceptional musical relation fed by their amazing capacity of improvisers.

In late 2008, Senem Diyici initiated the trio «Lyricism» a singing trio-violin-cello is devoted to classical Turkish nineteenth and twentieth century. This project was included in a version for full orchestra in January 2011, under the direction of Cihat Askin.

In 2011, she recorded a new album in Istanbul («Dila Dila») with a new version of 4tet (vocals, guitar, trumpet and drums), The «Mavi Yol 4tet».

In addition to a stage presence full of energy and emotion, Senem Diyici develops into an amazing set of concert percussion instruments or she confronts from very different cultures (India, Africa, Far East, Scandinavia, ...) to devices over existing sound generation (samplers, loopers).

Also concerned with the transmission and teaching she hosted for many years in France and Turkey courses and workshops on vocal techniques and more recently around the shamanic ritual music.

Main concerts & festivals

Europa Jazz , Festival de Nevers, TBB Jazz Festival, Mulhouse, les Vans, Jazz et Polar, Jazz on the CUC, Marne la Vallée, Bagneux Mélodie, Printemps de Bourges, Festival Méditerranéen, Festival Django Reinhart, Festival de Calvi, Jazz en Franche Comté, Les Estivales de Metz, Musique de Traverses, St Chartier, Festival de Cluny, Festival dUzès, Festival des Musiques Innovatrices,Viva Cités, Les Tombées de la Nuit, Fête de l’Humanité, Festival de Niort, Les Musicales du Puy, les 7 Nuits d’Encens, Bastia, Bonifaccio, Festival Plein Jazz, Festival Arras, l’Eté de Vaisons, 1000 Jazz Festival, les Balades de Bourges, Jazz aux Ulis ,Jazz d’Or, Festival Ilotopie, Jazz en Champagne, festival d’Aix en Provence, Jazz au Fil de l’Eau,Chalon dans la Rue, Oloron St Marie, Festival de Commercy, Femmes Nomades, Jazz dans les Feuilles, Jazz et Terroir, Morgon en Fanfare, Festival de Vauvert, Festival de Robion, les Musicaves, les Nuits de Villaret, Festival de Chaumont, le Arts de la Voix, ...Théâtres et centres culturels / theaters : le Bataclan, L’Elysée Montmartre, Institut du Monde Arabe, Opéra de Lyon, CAC de Limoges, Evry, Tarbes, Pau, Evreux, Cannes, Nice, Béziers, Cherbourg, Annecy, Chambéry, Orléans, Genevilliers, La Ciotat, Marseille, Toulon, Perpignan, Oullins, Aubenas, Chalon-sur- Saône, Dijon, Briançon, Toulouse, Thionville, Tours,Chinon, Palaiseau, Berre l’Etang, Royan, Angoulème, Cognac, La Roche sur Yon, Dinan, Bréhal,Nyons, Avon, Charlevilles, Poitiers, Nîmes, Montbéliard, Saverne, L’Isle Adam, Chartres, Quimper, Tulle,.....Jazz clubs : le Café des Anges, le Café de la Plage, le New Morning, Roanne, l’Ajmi, le SceauxWhat, le Baiser Salé, les Alligators, Théâtre Dunois, Colmar, les Trinitaires, l’Opus Café, le Vauban, La Dame Bleue, Besançon, Nilvanges, Jazz Club de Dunkerke, Le Masque à Jazz, les Instants Chavirés, La Clef, la Cave Dimières, Ajaccio, le Passage du Nord Ouest, Jazz au Bistrot, La Luciole, La Cave à Musique, L’Arrosoir, la Bouche d’Air, le Pannonica, la Ferme de Font Robert, le Yalta, le Duc de Lombards, le Sunside, le Carré Bleu, le Club de la Chesnaie, La Tour Rose, le JAM, l’Olympic Café, les 7 Lézards, Musiques au Comptoir, le Triton, Jazz Club d’Auxerre, le Pannonica,....

Jazz Festival Istanbul, Gülhane Festival Istanbul, IsBank Festivali, Naîma, Bursa Festival, Keciköprü Festival, Festival Medina (Tunis), Jerusalem Festival, Jazz Caravan- Damas & Alep, Huesca Festival, Barcelone & Palma Festivals, Jazz in Bocconi, Alberobello & Caliari Festivals, Brosella Festival, Cactus & Brosella Festivals, Pori Jazz & Kerava Festivals, Savoy Theater (Helsinki), Dunya Festival (Rotterdam), Amsterdam Roots Festival, Pinkster Festival, Music Meeting (Nijmegen NL), New Music Festival (Middelburg), Anove Festival, Ioannina & Elephsis Festivals (Grèce/Greece), Half Note (Athènes / Athens), le Chat Noir (Genève), le Travers (Bruxelles), Cirque d’Hiver (Liège), Paradoxe (Brugges), Jazz Parade / Fribourg, Tournées Allemagne / Germany Tour (Darmstadt, Bottrop, Munich, Essen, Gelchenkirschen, Heidelberg, Wuppertal, Jazz Avenue-Berlin, Die Käs-Frankfurt, Neue Tonne -Dresden, Theater an der Ruhr-Müllheim, Jazz Bauhaus-Dessau, Bix-Stuttgart, Villa Leon-Nürnberg ...), Lodz & Stetzin Theater (Pologne / Poland), Canada tournée / tour , Moldavia Tour : Chisinau, Ungheni + Odessa (Ukraine) / Tournées russes / Russian Tour : Moscow - Novokutznesk - Ufa- Ekaterinburg - Duna - St Petersbourg. USA (Los Angeles, New York, Long Beach, San Francisco, Newport Beach)


That’s the bop of the Bosphorus of the cat-like woman Senem Diyici, who sails smoothly from sweet meanders to sparkling dances, a chamber world music, acoustic and play full.

Their music is a combination of traditionnal and classic turkish music and european jazz. The lyrics are based on the poems of turkish, armenian, and kurdish poets from the 16th and 17th century. The result that comes from this musical message combined with the indian rhythms of Ravy Magnifique, the jazz harmony from Alain Blesing, Philippe Botta and Senem Diyici’s voice is marvellous...
El Diario de Mallorca

...a voice blessed by the gods...

...a breath of mediterranean freshness and a lesson of freedom...

Senem Diyici 4tet, probably the best thing that happened to turkish jazz since Okay Temiz...the one that we call the precious jewel of the Bosphorus

Crossing subtly jazz and traditionnal, the singer shows us some splendid sound landscapes. Rhythms and colors to zenith...
Disques Magazine

Two roads that crossed many times before, come together ; electric and acoustic guitar and double bass meet on a journey
that is exotic and intimate, with sounds from the West sometimes from far away, or beyond.
Jazz Magazine

...the pages made by Alain Blesing, shaded, at the same time logical and marvellous.... Blesing shows us what kind of sound magician he is...
Jazz Magazine